Eagle’s Call (Woodland Community College) Newspaper recruiting!!

Hello all!!

As a member of the Eagle’s Call, I am looking for students to join the newspaper so that they can make this paper even better and add their own articles/ writings. The Eagle’s Call is always recruiting and welcoming new students. You should join the Eagle’s Call because your voice can be heard around WCC and teachers will say “WOW, that’s awesome.”

For more details, contact:

Ametz@yccd.edu (Faculty Advisor)

aliharder12@gmail.com (Editor in Chief) 

Me- gurtaj21@gmail.com (Online Content Editor and on call writer)


Amazing last couple of days

Hello all!

Today was a awesome day and I enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because of the awesome food and hanging out with close family members. My belly is super full and I got community service done this morning at The Running of the Turkeys Event. This week I haven’t posted because school was busy with homework due and me helping my mom get ready for Thanksgiving. I have a busy weekend ahead so I am going to bed. I hope you all have a good night and happy holidays!!

Busy Last Few Days

Hello all!!

These last few days have been busy with me finishing up my English Essay and helping my mom with vacuuming the house on the weekend. This Week, on Tuesday, I will be attending the TRIO Potluck and I will bring Chips. This will be a fun event to attend and I will turn in my English Essay at school. I have a busy day tomorrow at school by also working in the food pantry an meeting with different teachers. I hope you all have a good night and I will try to be more consistent  with daily post from now on as best as I can.

Good night all!!

Awesome Days

Hello all!

These last few days have been awesome because I made good progress on my English Essay and will try to get a lot of my homework done tomorrow. I am happy that Thanksgiving Break is coming up and that I can spend some time with my family and enjoy amazing food. Today, I ate veggie burritos for lunch at home that was amazing!! My goal is to get a lot of my homework done Saturday and get the house clean. I hope you all had a good week this week and enjoy the weekend!!

Terrific day

Hello all!!

The Reading and Writing Club was a success! Everything was good and multiple boxes of pizzas were Sold along with hot Cheetos and animal crackers to enjoy. I enjoyed reading a motivational book and loved how the event went. Now I am going my to bed and I am ready for classes tomorrow

Good day

Hello all!! Today was a good day because I am ready for the Reading and Writing Club Event tomorrow. Everything has been good and I enjoyed the preparations for this event such as the snacks and drinks for the event I needed to get. There will be awesome snacks such as animal crackers and xtra flaming hot Cheetos to enjoy!! Good night all!!

Fun Day

Hello all!! Today was a fun day for me because I got to play GTA Online after a long time and I got the snacks/drinks ready for The Reading and Writing Club Event on Tuesday. I also looked at various Journalism Careers and will look into Internships in the early morning tomorrow. I am ready for tomorrow and I hope you all have a good night!!

Fun Day

Hello all!! Today was a fun day for me because I got to eat at Applebees Restaurant for dinner. Everything was good and I got all of my classes homework done today. Tomorrow I plan on writing a new article for The Eagle’s Call and getting anything I need to get done this weekend. For dinner, I had a nice burger with french fries and a free baby back ribs. Everything was good today and I hope everybody has a good night.

Good days

Hello all!! These last few days have been good because I got most of my English essay done and plan on finishing it tomorrow. Also, I passed my Soci Paper with a B and got a A on the extra credit. I hope you all have a good night and stay tuned!!

Awesome Last Few Days/Weekend

Hello all!

These last few days and weekend was amazing because my cousins hanged out with me and we went to the Yuba City Nager Kirtan (Sikh Parade). It was awesome and always nice to see each year, more and more coming people coming to the Nager Kirtan. The weather was beautiful on Sunday and I also went with my family and cousins to check out the fireworks on Friday. I enjoyed my time and ate the delicious sweets such as jalebi. Today, I started my extra credit Sociology assignment and will work on my English Essay more in the morning. Good night all!!