Eagle’s Call (Woodland Community College) Newspaper recruiting!!

Hello all!!

As a member of the Eagle’s Call, I am looking for students to join the newspaper so that they can make this paper even better and add their own articles/ writings. The Eagle’s Call is always recruiting and welcoming new students. You should join the Eagle’s Call because your voice can be heard around WCC and teachers will say “WOW, that’s awesome.”

For more details, contact:




Good day ahead

Hello all,

I have a good day ahead of me because I finished my Speech reflection and I will visit a tutor today to get feedback on it.

See you all in a later blog post!!


Hello all,

Today was a good day since I passed my Speech-6 Test with a good score. I put in a lot of hard work studying and believe I will get a high grade in this class. I hope everybody had a good day and good night!

Good day

Hello all!

Today was a good day and I feel like I did good on my Speech-6 test. I feel that I will get a good grade on it and I will contribute to do well as the semester is coming to a end. Good night all as I am going to  sleep now.

I’m Back

Hello all!!

It’s been a long time since I posted. I apologize for not posting for awhile and this is because my life got super busy with additional tasks to carry such as volunteering in the ME Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays on campus. My Speech-6 Class has tests so I been studying for those and I have another one this Monday. I feel like I will do well on it and I believe in myself.

I will post tomorrow.

Good night all!

Good days

Hello all, these past weeks have been super busy with college test and the semester ramping up now. With Student Goverment, I have been busy and I had a Speech test this week that was super long. I feel good about the semester and I have been able to keep up on my work. Tomorrow morning I plan on getting a lot of homework done and enjoying my Sunday. Good night all!!

Great Days so far this week

Hello all!

This whole week has been busy but has been great so far! I got a lot of homework done yesterday and I am showing my English Homework today to my English Professor for feedback. Everything has been good well and I am ready for today! I hope you all have a great day and accomplish whatever that may be needed done.

Happy and positive vibes to all!

Awesome day

Hello all!

Today was a awesome day because I got my English homework done and  I read the Speech  chapter four. I feel good today and am going to bed soon. I will work on my scholarship in the morning and get any remaining work done. Good night all!

Awesome day

Hello all!!

Today was a awesome day because I got my Speech essay turned in and I ate Top Ramen Soup! I enjoyed how my day went and got what I needed to get done at college. Tomorrow at Pioneer High School, I will do community service and come home to do some community service. I hope you all had a good day!

good night!!