Eagle’s Call (Woodland Community College) Newspaper recruiting!!

Hello all!!

As a member of the Eagle’s Call, I am looking for students to join the newspaper so that they can make this paper even better and add their own articles/ writings. The Eagle’s Call is always recruiting and welcoming new students. You should join the Eagle’s Call because your voice can be heard around WCC and teachers will say “WOW, that’s awesome.”

For more details, contact:

Ametz@yccd.edu (Faculty Advisor)

aliharder12@gmail.com (Editor in Chief) 

Me- gurtaj21@gmail.com (Online Content Editor and on call writer)

Awesome Day

Hello all!! Today has been a awesome day for me because I helped at the store and got to eat Kheer (rice pudding)  as dessert today. My dad made it and it tasted amazing because there were raisins in it. The raisens added nice flavor and the kheer was amazing! Along with that, the store was busy and ice cream was one of the big sellers today. I enjoyed my day and hope you all have a good night!!

My uncle from San Diego is coming tomorrow because my brother is getting engaged next Saturday!! I can’t wait to meet him!!

Awesome Last Few Days

Hello all!! These last few days have been busy for me because the house is getting changed with new sofas added upstairs and a TV for the upstairs sofa area coming tomorrow. Also, the store has been busy and I was on campus to discuss plans for the future clubs I am in. I cant wait for what the future holds and good night all!!

Good Saturday

Hello all!! Today was a good Saturday for me because I helped at the store and got to eat Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding) for dessert after lunch. I enjoyed today’s weather and got a chance to go on a nice long walk in the evening. Overall, my day was good and it was nice to take a nap in the afternoon after a busy morning at the store. I hope you all enjoyed your day!!

Awesome day

Hello all!! Today was a awesome day because I helped at the store and did a good job filling up the bear side of the cooler. Bear was selling a ton today and Pepsi was too. Everything was good and I enjoyed eating a nice chocolate ice cream today that I got from Umpqua Bank in Woodland. I hope you all enjoyed your day!!

Good day

Hello all!! Today has been a good day for me because I helped at the store and feel like I did a good job as a cashier!! The store has been busy but I am prepared for my brothers engagement party coming up! I can’t wait for the party and to see all of my family members there. I hope you all had a good day and enjoyed it!!