Eagle’s Call (Woodland Community College) Newspaper recruiting!!

Hello all!!

As a member of the Eagle’s Call, I am looking for students to join the newspaper so that they can make this paper even better and add their own articles/ writings. The Eagle’s Call is always recruiting and welcoming new students. You should join the Eagle’s Call because your voice can be heard around WCC and teachers will say “WOW, that’s awesome.”

For more details, contact:

Ametz@yccd.edu (Faculty Advisor)

aliharder12@gmail.com (Editor in Chief) 

Me- gurtaj21@gmail.com (Online Content Editor and on call writer)


Good day

Hello all!!

Today was a good day because I got to watch the movie Nikka Zaildar 2. I enjoyed it because it was fun and the study was very well in the movie. These last few days have been busy with me going to meetings such as the senate meeting on Friday. I enjoy representing the WCC Student body and can’t wait for what the future holds! Good night all!

Long Day

Hello all!! Today was a long day because I created the agenda for this Friday’s Reading and Writing Club Meeting. The agenda looks great and I can’t wait for the meeting on Friday. Also, my mom made a nice healthy smoothie that I drank for breakfast and enjoyed it to start off my day. I hope you all have  a good night!!

Fun day

Hello all!! Today was a fun day because I ate pizza for dinner and class was great today. I have no classes in the morning but plan on finishing my homework early in the morning. I hope you all had a good day and enjoyed it. What was your favorite thing you did today? Mine would be the delicious hot pizza I ate that had sausage, onions, pepperoni on it. Good night

Fun day

Hello all! Today the kabbadi (wrestling tournament) in Union City was amazing and afterwards I ate amazing dinner at a restrsunt called “Taj Grill”. I drank delicious mango lassi (mango shake like) and ate butter chicken with Dal (soup) too for dinner. The naan (white bread) were good and a nice size. I hope you all had a good day and good night!

Good day

Hello all!! Today has been a good day because I turned in all of my Sociology work and got my homework turned in. Tomorrow I am going to a Kabaddi (wrestling) tournament with my dad and we will be leaving in the morning. Everything has been good so far and my dad has been loving his new truck!! Good night all!!

Busy Day

Hello all!! Today has been a busy day because of the student government meeting today and the appointments at school I had such as my DSPS one. Everything is good and I believe the future will be bright. Also, I got my MESA Canvas requirement turned in and am on track with school so far! Good night all!