Post noon



Awesome day

Hello all! I ate awesome food today such as salmon with garlic bread and potato salad for dinner. I enjoyed my time today and am thankful of the awesome dinner my mom cooked today. I made great progress on the Eagles Call Calandar and plan on turning it in within the next few days. I hope you all had a good day and enjoyed it!!

Busy day 

Hello all, today was a busy day because I got a lot of my Eagle’s Call Calandar done. I will wake up early and get started on some of the work I need done like getting my ASWCC notes together for Tuesday’s meeting. I will finish my Eagles Call Calandar tomorrow and can’t wait for students on campus to see it soon!! 
Good night all!!

Fun Day

Hello all!

Today was a fun day because my dad and I went to the Bradshaw Gurdwara (Temple) Kabbadi (wrestling) tournament. It was fun and nice to eat amazing food such as pakora (fried Indian snack) and jalebi (Indian sweet dish). The tournament was good and I enjoyed my time because the weather was also good. No traffic on the way home and everything went well. I hope you all had a good weekend and good night!!


Hello all!! Today has been a good day for me because I got a parking permit for the rest of the semester. Now I will be able to drive to school and not have to worry about getting a ride or being picked up for school. My mom can focus on what she needs to do and doesn’t need to worry about dropping me off or picking me up. Also, everything this past week was amazing and I enjoyed School Leadership Training on Friday! I can’t wait for the future!! 😀😀 good night all!

Awesome day

Hello all!

Today has been a awesome day because I ate awesome chicken from Costco and got to eat a nice burrito for lunch. Today was a busy day at school, but I ate awesome food and can’t wait for what tomorrow brings. Good night all!

Good day

Hello all! Today was a good day because I finished all of my sociology homework and got my essay revised so I can get a better grade. My sociology homework is already turned in and I will turn in my revised essay in class in the morning. I feel good about this semester and can’t wait for what the next three months hold for me. I hope you all had a good day and enjoyed it.