Pizza poem

Pizza is amazing and the best

As Delicious as ice cream on a hot day

unforgettable taste in my mouth

That can’t be thrown away

Pizza is special

Its something that I need

And something that is a fav for me

That won’t be taken away from me

So go and eat pizza!!😀😀

I have been busy but I got to eat Pizza Hut Pizza and Round Table Pizza today.

Productive day

Hello all!! Today was a productive day for me because I got a new business letter done for the Reading and Writing Club, finished the bookmarks for the club, made changes to the scholarship, and edited the agenda for the upcoming meeting for the club. Even though I did tons of work today, I took a nice nap and went on nice walks with Badel in the morning and evening. I hope you all enjoyed your day and good night!!😀😋

Good day

Hello all!!

Today was a good day for me because I helped my dad at the store and it was super fun! I liked talking to different customers who came by and ate a delicious veggie burrito for lunch. I had a good time at the store because of this and was able to take a nice nap when I came home. I enjoyed my day today and hope you did too!!

Awesome day

Hello all!! Today has been a awesome day because I have a plan going forward for the letters I have done for the Reading and Writing Club. By the end of next week, I will have the letters done and turned in. I can’t wait for how the clubs future will be but I am sure it will be good!! Have a good night all!!

Amazing last 48 hours

Hello all!! These last 48 hours have been amazing to me because I went to the gurdwara (Sikh Temple) and did seva (Service). I had a awesome time and got a chance to eat some of my favorite food such as jalebi and  veggie pakora. Today, I am going to school to show a tutor another scholarship I am working on and check in on the programs I am in at school. I hope you all had a good day and expect another post tonight from how the day went!! Good day all!!

Fun day

Hello all!!

Today  was a fun day for me because I ate Costco Chicken Bake for dinner and it was amazing!! Everything was good and I enjoyed how the chicken and bacon were put together in the chicken bake. I had a fun day because I haven’t ate this in awhile and got to help my parents at the family store. Good night y’all!!