Busy 48 hours

Hello all!! These last 48 hours have been busy for me because I finished both of my scholarship essays,  and had people come over to the house to paint,  and fix a few things. I am happy that everything is complete and can’t wait for tomorrow where I show my scholarship essay for feedback!! The deadline is Friday and I am confident that I can win this scholarship!! Stay tuned tomorrow because I am trying to start doing videos and created one today that i will post tomorrow from my IPad.

Good night!!

Busy day

Hello all!! Today was a busy day for me because I helped at the store and ate some awesome vanilla cake!! It was a busy day due to customers buying various drinks and me having to fill up the differant coolers in the store. Even though it was busy, I’m glad that the store is doing well and customers are enjoying the various products that the store has. I feel tired and plan on going to bed soon!! Good night!!

busy day

Hello all!!

These last few days have been busy for me because I helped my dad with installing ceiling fans in the suite and first floor/ kitchen area of the house. It feels good to be done with this and I capped today off by eating some delicious cookies from Subway. Yesterday,  I was busy with the store all day so I felt really tired when I made it home. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and enjoy the week coming up!!

magnificent day

Hello all!! Today was a magnificent day because I ate for lunch my mom’s awesome saag. I enjoyed it and it brought a big smile to my face. I had a good day overall because I also updated the new Eagle’s Call flyer I am working on and created a promotion piece for the Reading and Writing Club to be featured in the Eagles Call soon. I am excited about the clubs I am in and cant wait for what the future has in store!!

Good night all!!

Terrific day

Hello all!!

Today was a terrific day for me because the Sacramento Kings got great draft picks in de’aaron fox and others!! I am a Kings fan and believe the team is headed in the right direction!! Hopefully the Kings can add some free agents and keep adding to the roster!! Good night all 😀.

Poem for Today as Promised


Food makes me happy

Food is what I need

Like a bright red apple to a Teacher

Dal is what I need for my Punjabi Self


Without food, I am not complete

Food is a necessity that cant be beat

So go get eat some awesome food

And beat the stomach growl





Busy day

Hello all!! Today has been a busy day for me because I got my writing for my scholarships essay done and plan on showing them tomorrow to the RAWC Center. I have a busy day tomorrow but will definitely post a poem tomorrow on how my day went. Good night all and sweat dreams!!😀

Long weekend

Hello all!! This weekend has been a long one with my grandma being sick and me being busy with different things such as  going to the store. My grandma is home now and I will wake up early tomorrow morning to get some things before I go to  work such as finding my original resume paper. I feel good about the future and believe everything will work out fine. Good night all!