Busy days 

Hello all!!

These last few days have been busy with me completing my FAFSA and getting my fiend trip paperwork to visit CSU Chico turned in. I will wake up early tomorrow and get Sociology Quizzes done along with working on my English Essay. Good night all! 



Hello all!!

This weekend in general has been AMAZING!! I turned in my Sociology Essay today and I feel like I will get a A on it. I followed the prompt and believe 100 percent my grade in the class will reach a A before the semester ends. I am doing good in all of my classes so far and I finished my English essay which is due soon this past week. I feel like a big weight is off my shoulder and can’t wait for the upcoming events this week such as Fallfest and Pizza with The President on Tuesday.  On top of all this, I finished filling out my scholarship application. I hope you all have a good night and hope you all had a good weekend!!

I tried the Sonic Oreo Custard Concrete on the weekend and it was amazing!!


Hello all!!

Today was a awesome day because I finished most of my homework. I plan on getting the other half of my Sociology Essay done tomorrow!! Today was a good day overall and can’t wait to get my homework done tomorrow! I hope you all had a good day and good weekend!!

Good day 

Hello all, 

Today was a good day for me because I helped my mom at her dentist appointment in Stockton. Everything was good and I enjoyed my time because after, my mom and I visited my aunt where she owns a Subway and we took some Subway home for dinner. I enjoyed my day because I helped my mom and everything went well. Good night all!!

Great Day

Hello all!!

Today was a great day because I feel ready and that I will do well on my Sociology Unit 2 Essay. I have my outline done and will start writing it on Thursday. Tomorrow, I am going to Stockton and my mom is getting her dental surgery done. She feels good about it and I know everything will go well.

Good night all!!

Awesome last few days 

Hello all!! These last few days have been awesome for me because I ate awesome food such as my moms homemade turkey sandwich and school has gone great!! I ate my moms turkey sandwich  for dinner today and I got mostly all of my English Essay done. I feel good about how this semester is going and can’t wait for what the future holds! Good night all!! Expect more posts especially this Fall since I plan on posting some photography  I do hopefully by December!! 


Hello all, this whole week was busy because I had meetings at school and I had to help my parents st the store today. Everything has been good and I will finish my renaming homework tomorrow. I hope you all have a good night!!