Short Story- “Dog”

NOTE-This is the first short story that I have written. PLEASE give any feedback and comments if you have any. I gladly appreciate it and thanks for the read. All characters and story is fiction.  Enjoy!!

It is the year 2016, a young man named “Bob” has just graduated from high school and wishes one thing from his parents  “Steve and Kelly” can do for him. “No pepperoni pizza, no Mercedes-Benz, but I want a Black German shepherd.” Bob said. Steve and Kelly say, “Our house is too small to own such a big dog.” Bob looked disappointed  at them but he knew German Shepherds are big dogs and need lots of space to live.  However, his brain clicked and  suddenly he told his parents, “Both of you promised me  that you would make changes to the backyard such as removing the garden and replacing it with cement so that one day, a big dog can live there because there will be a dog house and a big bowl of water.” Steve said, ” Son, we promised that but our plan hasn’t gone well because we don’t have much money right now. There is too much concrete in the backyard that it would cost around $900 to remove it all. I’m sorry son but we can get you a small dog that would live indoors and wont require as much money. However, the black German shepherd you are asking for  will come later when our income is up. Kelly replied, “Your father is correct, Bob.” Bob ran back to his room and locked the door because he was disappointed  that his parents  couldn’t make his wish come true.

In order for their son’s wish of a black German Shepherd, Steve and Kelly came up with a plan that involved Kelly finishing college and getting a bachelor degree in nursing. They told Bob earlier about getting a small dog but they both agreed that it is better to finish school and buy their son what he really wants. Steve who has never completed high school ended up going to a  Adult Education School and planned on getting a General Equivalency Diploma. They both needed school to be done in order to get their jobs so they helped each other get it done. Despite Bob becoming an construction worker, which requires no schooling, wanted to at least get a diploma so that he felt like that he accomplished something. Having an General Equivalency Diploma will make him feel that he accomplished something and never gave up when he dropped out of high school. Every day at 11 AM to 2 PM, Steve and Kelly would devote three hours doing a study group together so that they can get their work done and focus on what they are doing. Bob would be in the gym at that time pumping iron and running on the treadmill. After Steve received his General Equivalency Diploma and Kelly finished college to receive her bachelor degree in nursing, they both said to each other, “Let’s make our son’s wish come true.”

One week later on a nice sunny Saturday morning, Bob woke up and brushed his teeth. After his teeth were brushed, he headed to the kitchen to cook some breakfast for himself. Suddenly, Kelly came running into the kitchen at a furious speed and said, “Bob, I got a new job!!! I am now working at a Clinic as an registered nurse!!” Bob couldn’t believe it and was proud of his mother who went through so much school to reach her goal. Even though medical school is not required by nurses, Bob was proud of how his mother got a college degree and went to college. Also, his father came in and congratulated his mother on her new job. He said, “Honey, I am proud of you and how your dream of becoming a registered nurse came true. Now,  I just wanted to let you all know, I received a new job too with me working  at a construction yard. With your mother and I making money now, we can get a black German shepherd as you wanted.” Bob couldn’t believe it and told himself, “My parents are fulfilling the promise of mine by getting me a black German Shepherd!! This is so awesome!!!

The next morning, Bob’s parents began removing the garden by using a sod and cutting into strips by using a sod cutter. They used the physical process way to remove the garden and after it was removed, they began looking for people who can put cement in their backyard. Luckily, their neighbors knew a person named “Chris”. Steve called Chris at eight o clock on Sunday morning and said to him, “Hey Chris, this is Steve and I was wondering if you can come to my property 4081 Hampton Drive Woodland California  to add cement to the backyard. He explained to Chris how much cement he wanted and came by at noon to see how the backyard is. Chris concluded, “No problem Steve, adding cement to  this backyard is going to work out just fine. Steve replied, “Thanks. How much will it cost? Chris replied, ” This is going to cost you $900 dollars.  Steve replied, “Here you go as he headed Chris a check of $900.” Chris said, “I will start adding cement tomorrow at 2 pm.”

2 pm arrived and Chris came by with a truck full of cement. Bob’s dad was watching as Chris started the process of adding cement to the backyard. It took about three days until the cement was finished, but it looked amazing. There was enough cement to host a full size dog house and enough to put a big bowl of water there for the dog. Meanwhile,  Kelly made a quick stop at Pet World and bought things their black German Shepard is going to need such as a dog house and a water bowl. She arrived home and kept the dog items in the car so that they wont get stolen or dirty. She came in to the house and saw  Bob directing her and Steve to come talk to him. Now, Bob asked his parents, “My buddy Donald has a house nearby and he is selling black German Shepard puppies. They are only around two hundred dollars and he is willing to give me first look at which one I  want.” His parent’s replied, ” That’s awesome for him to give you the chance to look at them first before others and see which one you like.” Bob’s parents and himself decided tomorrow morning is the day they would pick the newest addition to their family.

“Beep, baap” rang on Bob’s Phone before he turned it off. He got out of bed and brushed his teeth. After he brushed, he ate breakfast and took a quick shower. His parent’s were already home from work early that afternoon and told Bob, “Let’s go.” It was only a five minute drive until they arrived at Donald’s home. They knocked on Donald’s door and he opened it with a big smile on his face. He said, “Hello all, come on in.” He led them to where the puppies were held and immediately, Bob at first glance saw which puppy he wanted. The puppy he saw was the biggest one in the liter and the cutest, he thought to himself. “That one, he said pointing to the puppy that was big”. Donald grabbed the puppy and handed it over to Bob. Bob’s parents both said,”That is one cute puppy!! What do you want to name it, Bob?” Bob looked at them and said, ” Thorn”. They replied with a nod on their faces and said, “Great name.” Bob’s parents paid the $200 dollar price for Thorn and brought him home. Before they left  Donald’s house, Donald said, :”Thanks for buying a puppy!! and waved as Bob’s parents drove off back home.

When they arrived home, Kelly said, “We should keep Thorn in the garage for now because he is unvaccinated  yet. IF we leave him outside, he can get sick and die.” Kelly and the rest of the family  put the dog supplies such as the dog house and water inside the garage along with the additional things she bought such as the dog toy’s and dog cage. After all the setting up for Thorn and everything was set in the garage, Bob said to his parents, ” I just wanted to say that you guys are the best parents in the world  and I appreciate you guys for getting me the dog I wanted. Bob’s parents both said,” This whole process of getting the dog that you wanted was long, but in life, it might take awhile to reach your goals, but with support as a family, anything is possible.”






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